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As a short introduction to the project, below is the assembly diagram

In grey, the external ones:
• Moco.cecil from Mono project to manage assemblies
• WPFToolkit from Codeplex to get the datagrid...
• Fluent from Codeplex for a very nice ribbon control
• AvalonDock is a nice project from codeplex to get VisualStudio like interface with docking, panels, toolbox and tabbed documents
• AvalonEdit to get SQL and code template editors

Internally, we have :
• ReflectionStudio is the main UI with everything specific to it
• ReflectionStudio.Controls - all generic UI related elements
• ReflectionStudio.Core - all business and helpers not related to UI or controls
• ReflectionStudio.Spy - the runtime that make performance traces
• ReflectionStudio.Core.Database.SQL2KProvider - SQL Schema provider as plugin system
• ReflectionStudio.Tools - Additional exe to work and test

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